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Thrust Areas


Thrust Area

  • Water conservation and cultivation of short duration paddy
  • Soil test based fertilizer application
  • Management of poor quality irrigation water
  • Micronutrient deficiency especially Zn & Fe
  • Residue management
  • Resource conservation
  • Weed management
  • Soil test based fertilizer application
  • Micronutrient deficiency especially Zn & Mn
  • Residue management
  • Resource conservation
Fodder maize
  • Providing quality seed for fodder production
  • Balanced fertilization
  • Silage making
  • Biofortification with micronutrients
Dairy animals
  •  Balanced nutrition involving mineral mixture, uromin lick & bypass fat
  • Production of Nilli Ravi Buffaloes
  • Beetal goat production
  • Diversification towards dairy production
  • Promotion of scientific piggery and poultry production
Home Science
  • Value addition of agricultural and dairy produce
  • Formation of SHGs and promotion of rural women entrepreneurship
  • Balanced nutrition and drudgery reduction among farm women
  • Economic upliftment through rural women empowerment
  • Crop diversification (rice-wheat) through vegetable production
  • Protected cultivation
  • Offseason vegetable production
  • Adoption of latest high yielding recommended hybrid varieties
  • Nursery raising and seed production of seasonal vegetable crops
  • Value addition and processing of vegetable and fruits
Fish farming
  • Increase fish production area by adopting fish culture practice
  • Diversification of agricultural practices through fish farming
  • Integrated fish farming with different farming system
  • Ornamental fish culture and trade practice
  • Fish preservation and processing of value added fish products
Integrated farming system
  • Promotion of integrated dairy, fish, goat and poultry farming
  • Promotion of integrated dairy and year round fodder production
  • Promotion of integrated dairy, kitchen gardening, vermicompost and fodder production
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