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Research publications of KVK Faculty

S.NoPublication NameViewNAAS Rating
1.Kumar A, Brar NS, Pal S and Singh P (2017) Available soil macro and micro-nutrients under rice wheat cropping system in District Tarn Taran of Punjab. Ecology, Environment and Conservation 23 (1): 229-234 view4.89
2. Kumar A, Choudhary AK and Suri VK (2017) Agronomic bio–fortification and quality enhancement in okra–pea cropping system through arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi at varying phosphorus and irrigation regimes in Himalayan acid Alfisol. Journal of Plant Nutrition  40 (8): 1213-1229 view6.51
3.Basu PS, Singh U, Kumar A, Praharaj CS and Shivran RK (2016) Climate change and its mitigation strategies in pulses production. Indian Journal of Agronomy 61: 71-82 view5.46
4.Brar NS, Kumar B, Kumar A, Singh P and Pal S (2016) Performance of different cultivars of Kharif fodder maize under late sown conditions of Punjab. International Journal of Farm Sciences 6 (4): 1-6 view4.01
5.Singh N, Vashist KK, Mahal SS and Sharma N (2014)  Quality characteristics of rice grains as influenced by varying irrigation regimes in furrow and bed transplanted rice (Oryza sativa L.). International Journal of Agricultural Sciences 10(1): 216-220 view4.82
6.Yadav A, Suri VK, Kumar A and Choudhary AK (2015) Influence of AM fungi and inorganic phosphorus levels on growth, green pod yield and profitability of pea (Pisum sativum) in Himalayan acid Alfisol. Indian Journal of Agronomy 60 (1): 163-167  view5.46
7.Kumar A, Suri VK, Choudhary AK, Yadav A, Kapoor R, Sandal S and Dass A (2015) Growth behavior, nutrient harvest index and soil fertility in okra–pea cropping system as influenced by AM fungi, applied phosphorus and irrigation regimes in Himalayan acid Alfisol. Communications in Soil Science and Plant Analysis 46 (17): 2212-2233 view6.53
8.Kumar A, Choudhary AK and Suri VK (2015) Influence of AM–fungi and applied phosphorus on growth indices, production efficiency, phosphorus–use efficiency and fruit–succulence in okra (Abelmoschus esculentus)–pea (Pisum sativum) cropping system in an acid Alfisol. Indian Journal of Agricultural Sciences 85 (8): 46-53 view6.17
9Brar JS, Mahal, SS, Saini KS and Brar NS (2015) Planting methods and irrigation schedules. Indian Journal of Agricultural Research 50 (1): 71-75view4.86
10.Kumar A, Choudhary AK and Suri VK (2016) Influence of AM fungi and inorganic phosphorus on fruit and root characteristics, root colonization and soil phosphorus in okra-pea cropping system in Himalayan acid Alfisol. Indian Journal of Horticulture 73(2): 213-218 view6.13
11.Brar NS, Singh P, Kumar A, Kumar B and Shashi Pal (2016) Maize silage feeding vis-a-vis milk production in cross bred dairy cows in Tarn Taran district of Punjab. Progressive Research  11 (2) : 269-270view3.84
12.Brar NS, Dhillon BS, Saini KS and Sharma PK (2016) Agronomy of sugarbeet cultivation-A review.  Agricultural Review 36 (3): 184-197 (NAAS rating:4.37) view4.37
13.De K., Pal S., Mukherjee J (2015) Effect of In Vitro Copper and Zinc Supplementation on Neutrophil Phagocytic Activity and Lymphocyte Proliferation Response of Transition Dairy Cows. Agricultural Research 4(4):388–395 view5.90

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