Schedule for vocational training on scientific bee keeping in 2021

KVK Tarn Taran will organise Scientific Bee Keeping Training under Mini Mission 1 sponsored by National Beekeeping and Honey Mission (NBHM). During the training programmes farmers will be made aware regarding various management techniques. Lectures will be delivered on various diseases and prophylactic measures, scientific honey extraction and techniques to detect honey adulteration. Farmers will be made aware regarding identification of queen, drone and workers.

Objectives of training are as follows:

  • To train rural youth about scientific bee keeping and upliftment of socio economic status of farmers.
  • To impart scientific knowledge regarding bee keeping and integrated farming to boost the farmers income
    17 March To 23 March Offline
    6 April To 12 April Offline
    27 April To 3 May Offline
    11 May To 17 May Offline
    25 May To 31 May Offline
    8 June To 14 June Online