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KrishiVigyan Kendra Organized Vocational Training Programme on Integrated Pig and Fish Farming

KrishiVigyan Kendra, Guru AngadDevVetrinary& Animal Sciences, University, Booh, Tarn Taran organized five days vocational ‘Scientific Pig and Fish Farming training under RKVY’ from 21.10.2019 – 25.10.2019 at border village Wan Tara Singh. Forty SC farmersbelonging to Village Wan Tara Singh had participated in the training course. Scientific knowledge on various aspects of pig as well as fish farming was devised in this training related to fish and pig farming, breeds of pigs and fish, breeding, artificial insemination related techniques, feeding and management of pigs, rearing piglets, scientific breeding interventions and prevention and control of diseases of zoonotic importance.

Speaking on the inaugural session of the training programme, DrBalwinder Kumar Deputy Director (Training) and Course Director, discussed about the role of livestock sector in uplifting farmers’ income. He also highlighted the facilities available at KVK and GADVASU, Ludhiana for the upliftment of livestock sector in the state and urged the farmers to get maximum benefits from said facilities. Dr. Kumar also told that such type of trainings helps farmers, farm women, and rural youth in developing the agricultural entrepreneurship through livestock diversification. Pig farming is gaining momentum in state and can be good mean for earning profit from this venture.

Dr S. Gurdeep Singh, Assistant Professor (Livestock Production) and Dr. BhanuPrakashCh, Assistant Professor (Fisheries); Course Coordinators described about numerous scientific breeding principles and interventions, housing management practices, treatment & control of diseases and various feed formulations.During training course, an exposure visit of farmers was also conducted to Kisanmela at Marhana and Integrated pig cum fish models at KVK stalls were displayed to the farmers. Also a visit to Farmer Field School set up by KVK at village Chapiri Sahib, Tarn Taran for practical learning, where farmers got knowledge about different operations. Farmers appreciated the efforts of KVK scientists for organizing such a wonderful training programme at their village. Course coordinator proposed the vote of thanks at the valedictory function.

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