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Dr. Balwinder Kumar (Deputy Director, Training) attended International Conference at Denmark

Dr. Balwinder Kumar attended 18th International Plant Nutrition Colloquium, “Plant Nutrition for Global Green Growth,” held recently at Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences,  University of Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark. Dr. Kumar was also invited to attend the Congress Satellite Meetings on Boron and Manganese by the University of Copenhagen, Denmark. In this colloquium, Dr. Kumar had presented his research work on “Forage yield and quality of pearl millet (Pennisetum glaucum L.) as affected by soil and foliar zinc fertilization,”. Based on the research quality and importance, the organizers of the event had provided free registration (Euro 800) to Dr. Kumar. He had also been awarded Science and Engineering Research Board, Department of Science and Technology (DST-SERB), Government of India travel grant to attend the colloquium. This travel grant is awarded to scientists across the country in competitive way based on importance and quality of the research, candidate academic profile and research publications in relevant field in the national and international repute journals.

Around 550 participants from 50 different countries across the globe attended the colloquium and discussed about important aspects related to nutrition in plants.  The programme featured a range of keynote addresses covering Plant – micro organism interactions and nutrient acquisition; nutrient management and fertilizers in crop production; nutrient uptake, transport and homeostasis; nutrient availability in soils, toxicity and remediation; plant nutrition and food quality; nutrient cycling, ecosystems and climate change and novel technologies for fertilizers and fertilization. Dr Kumar said that addressing the issues pertaining to nutritional aspects of fodder production will help to economize livestock production in sustainable way and will strengthen the dairy sector of India. The presentation at the colloquium held in Denmark was appreciated by the scientific community and was a unique opportunity to interact with researchers and academician working in this area.

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